the network for creditors and claimants

Debt360 is the internet service platform for delivering creditor and claimant products and services, supported by a nationwide network of professional partners in the credit, mediation, legal and enforcement industries, encouraging standardised service levels, operating practices and transparent accountability.
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Debt360 gives you and your organisation direct access to a host of services provided by a nationwide network of professional individuals, companies and organisations. Empowering you to create and manage your own national or regional service "panels".

All products and services utilise secure internet based technologies, agreed service levels, procedures and working practices, delivering consistent, measurable results and transparent accountability.

We work closely with our members to research, develop and implement new products and services, constantly extending the portfolio.

  • pre-action® ADR®
  • tracing and searches
  • court claims (money claims)
  • process serving
  • pre-legal doorstep
  • agent instructions
  • insolvency instructions
  • ccj transferups
  • writs of fieri facias (fifa)
  • writs of possession
  • rent distraints
  • lease forfeitures
  • common law trespass

Membership is commitment and cost free, use services only as and when required on a case-by-case basis, no minimum case numbers, no contract term, it could not be simpler!  join now

We regularly white brand and bespoke the platform for clients. With IT changing so fast, we offer both 'pay-per-use' model and bespoke licensing offering a complete outsourced solution for all sizes of firms, from start-ups to larger established, multi-branch operations.


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your own branded member site for the issuing and management of claims and instructions

clear consistent design makes navigation and interaction quick and easy

all activity and communication is recorded, see at a glance the state of any claim

dedicated debtor site for direct interaction, communication, information gathering and dispute resolution

debt360 the creditor and claimant services network